Broken Green Olives in Natural Brine, Vacuum-Packed
  • Broken Green Olives in Natural Brine, Vacuum-Packed
  • Broken Green Olives in Natural Brine, Vacuum-Packed
  • Broken Green Olives in Natural Brine, Vacuum-Packed

Green Natural Olives 20 x 500 g Vacuum Packed


€9.48 /Kg

Plain Green Olives - 250 g vacuum bag - Prepared and packaged by Maison Soler, Les Délices De L'olivier.



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Green Natural Olives


  • Broken green olives
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Salt

Drained net weight: 10 kg

Prepared and packaged by: Maison Soler - Les Délices de l'Olivier in Maussane les Alpilles

Vacuum-Packed Olives: Guaranteed Freshness and Flavor

Why choose our vacuum-packed olives?

  1. Optimal freshness preservation: Our vacuum sealing method preserves the delicate aroma and crunchy texture of each olive, ensuring an incomparable taste experience with every bite.
  2. Protection against oxidation: By removing air around the olives, the vacuum sealing process significantly reduces the risk of oxidation, ensuring long-term preservation without compromising the quality or taste of the olives.
  3. Retention of essential nutrients: Unlike other preservation methods, vacuum sealing preserves the essential nutrients in olives, providing a healthy and nutritious snack to enjoy anytime.
  4. Convenience and versatility: Our vacuum-packed olives are ready to be enjoyed upon opening, making them an ideal choice for impromptu appetizers, salads, cooked dishes, and more.
  5. Time and space-saving: By eliminating the need to prepare olives each time they're used, our products save you time in the kitchen and free up space in your refrigerator.

Vacuum-packed olives: the secret to preserved freshness

Immerse yourself in Mediterranean authenticity with our vacuum-packed olives, carefully selected and packaged to offer you the best of nature. By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern preservation techniques, Les Délices de l'Olivier provides an unparalleled taste experience, where freshness and flavor harmoniously blend with every bite.

Discover our diverse range of vacuum-packed olives, available in a multitude of varieties and seasonings, to satisfy all your cravings and enhance each of your dishes. With Les Délices de l'Olivier, savor the very essence of the Mediterranean, wherever you are.

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