Discover our selection of delicious artisanal jams, carefully prepared from the tastiest fruits of Provence and Corsica.

Savor our jams with Cavaillon melon, Provence apricot, Provence strawberry, Provence watermelon, and Corsican clementine.

Explore other sweet delights in our aisles, such as biscuits (strawberry flower, orange blossom biscuits...), candies (orange and lemon candies, rose and lavender...), candied fruits (dried apricots, cubed papaya...), honey (garrigue honey, blackberry-chestnut honey...), nougat (white nougat with caramel chips, crunchy black nougat...), and spread (intense hazelnut cocoa, caramel cream with Camargue fleur de sel...).

Discover our delicious artisanal jams - Les Délices De L'olivier

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