Discover our exquisite selection of candied fruits, including figolettes, dried strawberries, Corinthian raisins, diced pineapples, diced papayas, caramelized almonds, Agen prunes, and many other sweet delights that will delight your taste buds.

Explore other sweet treats in our aisles, such as biscuits (fig biscuits, pizza-style...), candies (Provence honey lollipop, herbal candies...), jams (Cavaillon melon jam, Provence watermelon jam...), honey (lavender honey, rosemary honey...), nougat (pistachio and almond nougat, soft white nougat...), and spread (hazelnut cocoa, Camargue flower salt caramel cream...).

Discover our range of candied fruits - Les Délices De L'olivier

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