Discover our refined selection of Soups and seafood products.

Dive into an ocean of flavors with our delicious rockfish soups, the famous Les Belles de Marseille sardines, Les Belles de Marseille tapas, aioli, rouille, sardine rillettes with preserved lemon, and our creamy thuna and fresh cheese cream.

To diversify your appetizers, also explore our sections of charcuterie (duck sausage, bull sausage, Espelette pepper sausage...), dried fruits (almonds, peanuts, pistachios...), terrines (bull rillettes and terrine, Aveyron terrine, guinea fowl terrine...), jarred olives (Coquillos wild olives, green Lucques olives...), vacuum-packed olives (Camargue cocktail olives, Provençal cocktail olives...), olivade (black olive cream with Provencal herbs, Provençal green olive cream with pesto...) to bring variety to your appetizers.

Soups & Seafood - Les Délices De L'olivier

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