Our Story

Les Délices De L'olivier, a company with a warm dimension, draws its heritage from an ancestral tradition dating back more than 70 years. Since its humble beginnings, our company has been committed to showcasing all the region's know-how in the preparation and flavoring of olives.

True to our commitment to excellence, we carefully select each variety of olives from the fertile lands of Provence. Among our specialities, we offer delicacies such as the Cassées de pays with fennel, the green Picholines, the green Lucques, the Noires Grossane, and the prestigious blacks of the Tanche AOC Nyons variety. In addition to these Provençal gems, our range also extends to other renowned varieties from Mediterranean countries.

Our preparations, made according to the traditional artisanal methods of Provence, honor the rich culinary heritage of the region. Every step of the process is orchestrated with meticulous respect for the supreme quality of our products, ensuring an unparalleled taste experience.

Thus, Les Délices De L'olivier has transcended the simple fruit to transform it into a centerpiece of French gastronomy. We are committed to sharing our passion for olives with connoisseurs from all over the world, while preserving the values and culture that have been so generously passed on to us.

We invite you to explore our heritage, and delve into the history that has shaped Les Délices De L'olivier into an iconic company, dedicated to the art of gastronomic perfection.

Welcome to our world.

Delices de l'Olivier Team.