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Offering a variety of exquisite options for every taste. "L'Apéro," a perfect savory range for the aperitif, presents unique flavors such as olive and rosemary with Camargue sea salt, pesto, pizza-style, and Roquefort. Also on the menu: fig macarons, chocolate-cherry, orange blossom navettes, and strawberry flower.

To complement our sweet offering, explore our aisles of candies and lollipops (Carpentras berlingots, Provence honey candies, Camargue sea salt caramel lollipop...), jam (Provence apricot, Provence watermelon...), candied fruits (organic figolettes, dried strawberries, cubed mango...), honey (lavender honey, garrigue honey...), nougat (white nougat, black nougat...), and spread (organic hazelnut and cocoa, Camargue sea salt caramel cream...).

Gourmet biscuits, savory for the aperitif and sweet at any time.

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