Discover all the sweetness of quality candies and lollipops from the Provencal region.

Unique flavors such as Provence honey, orange and lemon, rose lavender, and much more await you at Les Délices de l'Olivier.

Explore other sweet delights in our sections of biscuits (canistrelli, navettes, caramel palets...), jam (Provence strawberry, Corsican clementine...), candied fruits (Corinthian raisins, Agen prunes...), honey (acacia honey, rosemary honey...), nougat (apricot fig pistachio nougat, extra honey white nougat...), and spread (hazelnut lace crepe, caramel cream with Camargue fleur de sel...).

Quality Sweets and Lollipops from Provence - Les Délices De L'olivier

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