The Delights of the Olive Tree, olive confectioner in Provence since 1948.

Savor our delicious vacuum-packed olives, preserving all their freshness and authentic taste.

Vacuum sealing maintains the natural flavor and texture of the olives.

Discover exceptional varieties of French olives such as Picholines, Lucques, Grossanes, Tanches, and many others, carefully prepared in our workshop in Maussane-les-Alpilles.

We also offer packaging of jarred olives that we pasteurize for better preservation.

Our delights around the olive can also be found in the olive oil section with French olive oil and Arbequina olive oil. Explore our specialties of olivades and olive creams for delicious appetizers.

Vacuum-packed olives by Maison Soler, Maussane les Alpilles

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