Discover an exquisite selection of savory grocery products.

Salted dried fruits, Camargue rice and salt, soups and seafood products, charcuterie, and much more await you to tantalize your taste buds at Les Délices de l'Olivier.

To complete your menu, our sections of olives & delights and sweet groceries will provide you with a comprehensive choice for appetizers and desserts.

Gourmet Salty Grocery Store - Discover our Exquisite Products


  • DELI

    Discover our range of dry cured meats, sausages, twigs, or "crocs".

    Flavored or natural, Arles sausages, the choice is vast, and everyone will find something they enjoy!

    To complement your charcuterie dishes, check out our section of condiments (pickles, lupins...), dried fruits (almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios...), jarred olives (Lucques, Picholines, pitted olives...), vacuum-packed olives (broken olives, olives with pesto, with garlic, spicy...), olive spreads (Provencal black olive spread, Provencal green olive spread, olive cream with Provencal herbs...) to bring variety to your appetizers.


    Discover an exquisite selection of quality condiments, ranging from capers to vinegar, lupins, sliced onions, pickles, and capers.

    Perfect for accompanying and enhancing the flavor of your favorite dishes.

    In addition, to prepare your dishes, we offer our aromatic herbs (basil, Provence herbs, sage, thyme...), spices (garlic, curry, cumin, coriander...), aromatic oils (garlic and basil oil, spicy oil...), sauces (garlic cream, pesto, pistou, lupine spread...), Camargue salt, and vinegar.


    Discover our selection of premium quality spices to enhance your dishes.

    From ground cumin to powdered cinnamon, including Espelette pepper and mild curry, our diverse range of spices is sure to satisfy the most demanding palates.

    Take your senses on a journey with the spices from Les Délices de l'Olivier.

    For your cooking, we offer a variety of products in condiments (confit garlic, preserved lemons, dried tomatoes...), aromatic herbs (basil, Provence herbs, sage, thyme...), aromatic oil (basil and garlic oil, spicy oil...), sauces (garlic cream, pesto, pistou...), Camargue salt, and vinegar.


    Discover our exquisite selection of salted dried fruits, including peanuts, almonds, pistachios, and cashews.

    Find the perfect snacks to satisfy your salty cravings.

    To complement your appetizers, check out our sections of charcuterie (sausage sticks, Arles sausage, bull sausage...), seafood products (Aioli, rouille, fish soup...), terrines (rabbit terrine, wild boar, bull...), jarred olives (Picholines broken with pesto, broken with garlic...), vacuum-packed olives (mint basil and lemon green olives, spicy black olives...), olivade (black olive cream with chili and Provencal herbs, Provencal black olivade with pesto...) to add variety to your appetizers.


    Discover our selection of top-quality aromatic herbs to enhance your dishes.

    Find dried basil, sage, Provencal herbs, oregano, thyme leaves, and much more for a kitchen full of flavors and freshness.

    For the preparation of your dishes, also explore our products, condiments (Camargue salt, capers, confit garlic ...), spices (cumin, coriander, saffron ...), sauces (lupinade, pesto, pistou ...).

  • Aromatic oil

    Discover our exquisite aromatic oils, flavored with basil, garlic, and spices, offering a unique taste experience to enhance your dishes and delight your senses.

    To enhance your dishes, add condiments (preserved lemons, sliced onions, capers, caperberries...), spices (granulated garlic, Espelette pepper, Camargue saffron...), dried herbs (basil, sage, thyme, Herbes de Provence...), sauces (tomato confit, red and green harissa, lupin spread, pistou...), Camargue salt, and vinegar.


    Discover our refined selection of Soups and seafood products.

    Dive into an ocean of flavors with our delicious rockfish soups, the famous Les Belles de Marseille sardines, Les Belles de Marseille tapas, aioli, rouille, sardine rillettes with preserved lemon, and our creamy thuna and fresh cheese cream.

    To diversify your appetizers, also explore our sections of charcuterie (duck sausage, bull sausage, Espelette pepper sausage...), dried fruits (almonds, peanuts, pistachios...), terrines (bull rillettes and terrine, Aveyron terrine, guinea fowl terrine...), jarred olives (Coquillos wild olives, green Lucques olives...), vacuum-packed olives (Camargue cocktail olives, Provençal cocktail olives...), olivade (black olive cream with Provencal herbs, Provençal green olive cream with pesto...) to bring variety to your appetizers.


    Discover our selection of delicious Organic Camargue Rice, including varieties such as long whole-grain Camargue rice, semi-whole, round white, long whole-grain red, long whole-grain black, and our tasty trio of rice.

    Cultivated in harmony with the environment and organic standards, our products offer superior quality and a unique taste.

    Enjoy an authentic and sustainable culinary experience with Les Délices de l'Olivier.

    To complement our local products, explore Camargue salt and sauces (garlic cream, lupine-based spread, pesto, and more).

  • Sauces

    Artisanal Sauces - The Delights of the Olive Tree

    Discover our range of sauces carefully prepared by Maison Soler. Located in Maussane les Alpilles, our workshop next to the store creates unique flavors, such as red harissa, green harissa, orange and cumin garlic cream, basil velouté, pesto, pistou, mint basil lemon lupinade, and tomato confit.

    Quality ingredients, preserved culinary tradition - savor the authenticity of our sauces, The Delights of the Olive Tree.

    Also, to enhance your dishes, explore our condiments (pickled onions, sun-dried tomatoes, vegetable variations...), spices (sliced and ground garlic, cumin powder, Camargue saffron...), dried herbs (Provencal herbs, sage, thyme...), basil and garlic-infused oil.


    Discover our selection of Organic Camargue Salt, including the famous Camargue Fleur de Sel as well as delicious variations with herbs, vegetables, garlic and herbs, rosemary, and lemon.

    Savor the richness of authentic flavors from Camargue in our premium quality products.

    In addition to salt, Camargue offers you an extraordinary variety of Camargue rice (whole long rice, black rice, rice trio...), IGP rice ideal for your dishes and salads.


    Discover our refined selection of terrines and foie gras, including a variety of exquisite flavors ranging from wild boar terrine to guinea fowl terrine, not forgetting our delicious blocks of foie gras.

    Let yourself be seduced by the authenticity and quality of Les Délices de l'Olivier products.

    We also offer for your appetizers our sections of charcuterie (sausage sticks, hazelnut sausage, bull sausage...), dried fruits (almonds, cashews, pistachios...), and seafood products (aioli, rouille, sardine rillettes, tapas, tuna cream with fresh cheese...).

  • Vinegar

    Discover our collection of vinegars, including a 6° wine vinegar perfect for your dressings, as well as a premium balsamic vinegar from Modena, adding a refined touch to your dishes.

    Also essential in the kitchen are our condiments (capers, capers, lupins, Camargue salt...), spices (granulated garlic, Espelette pepper, Camargue saffron...), dried herbs (Provencal herbs, basil, thyme...), olive oil (Provencal olive oil, AOP Spanish olive oil...), and sauces (garlic cream, basil velouté, pesto...).

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