Baiona Curada Poivre 1/2 - Cured Pork Shoulder with Black Pepper
  • Baiona Curada Poivre 1/2 - Cured Pork Shoulder with Black Pepper

Baiona Cured Pepper 1/2


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Baiona Curada Pepper 1/2

A unique taste experience awaits you with our Baiona Curada Pepper 1/2.

Crafted from quality pork shoulder, each piece is meticulously prepared using traditional methods, then slowly dried to achieve aromatic perfection.

The special touch lies in its delicate coating of black pepper, adding a subtle complexity of flavors.

Premium ingredients include carefully selected pork shoulder, salt, skillfully measured spices, dextrose, an antioxidant (E-301), and preservatives (E-252, E-250).

The edible natural casing ensures an authentic experience with every bite.

Notably, a precisely dosed 1% black pepper coating adds a spicy dimension to this delicious creation.

Please note that our Baiona Curada Pepper 1/2 contains milk proteins, and although it is crafted with the utmost care, it may potentially contain traces of nuts, lactose, and milk.

Indulge in a culinary experience rich in flavors, all while appreciating the quality and authenticity of our product.


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