Discover our selection of quality olives, carefully prepared and packaged in the workshop next to our store in Maussane-les-Alpilles.

    Choose from a variety of olives such as Picholines, Lucques, Grossanes, Tanches, and many others, available in jars or vacuum-sealed.

    You will also find excellent olive oils, including our own from the Alpilles region, as well as the exclusive Arbequina variety from Spain.

    Among our olive-based products, explore our famous black and green Provençal olive tapenades with pesto, our herb-infused olive creams from Provence, with chili, cashews, and truffle.

    Les Délices de l'Olivier also offers grocery products that you can find in the savory grocery and sweet grocery aisles.


    Discover an exquisite selection of savory grocery products.

    Salted dried fruits, Camargue rice and salt, soups and seafood products, charcuterie, and much more await you to tantalize your taste buds at Les Délices de l'Olivier.

    To complete your menu, our sections of olives & delights and sweet groceries will provide you with a comprehensive choice for appetizers and desserts.


    Discover our selection of sweet delights including a variety of dried fruits, spreads, candies, exceptional quality jams, and honey.

    Indulge in our artisanal and tasty products.

    To complete your menu, explore our sections of olives & delights (jarred and vacuum-packed olives, olive oil, olive tapenade, and olive cream), savory grocery (condiments, spices, herbs, rice, salt, sauces, terrines, vinegars) and wine (white, rosé, and red).


    Discover our range of wellness products with olive oil, donkey milk and much more, for nourished and healthy-looking skin.

    Find our hand creams, scented shower gels, gentle body lotions, natural soaps and nourishing shampoos.

  • Boxes

    Discover our selection of gift boxes for all occasions, filled with the delights of L'Olivier.

    Perfect for all special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, and Mother's Day.

    Here, we present you with a part of our range, including event gift boxes, tasting gift boxes, themed gift boxes, prestige gift boxes, hospitality gift boxes, and business gift boxes.

    We can customize the gift boxes according to your desires and budget. Feel free to contact us:

    Event Gift Boxes

    Explore our gift boxes specially designed for life's memorable events, weddings, birthdays, births, etc...

    Tasting Gift Boxes

    Discover our themed tasting assortments with gift boxes of Provencal products, gift boxes of seafood, etc...

    Themed Gift Boxes

    Dive into our gift boxes highlighting different themes, organic gift box, Camargue gift box, Alpilles gift box, etc...

    Prestige Gift Boxes

    Luxury and rarity: explore our high-end gift boxes.

    Hospitality Gift Boxes

    Gift boxes tailored to the needs of hotels and guesthouses.

    Business Gift Boxes

    Customizable gift boxes for corporate committees and corporate events.

  • Wine

    Discover our exquisite selection of wines, including white, rosé and red wines carefully chosen for their exceptional quality and unrivalled flavour.

    Find your new favourite among the Isle Saint Pierre, Hégoa, Soreli, Ella, Paola and many more ranges.

    Make every tasting unforgettable.

  • PRO

    The Delights of the Olive Tree - Your Olive Wholesaler since 1948

    In the world of olives, THE DELIGHTS OF THE OLIVE TREE has stood out since 1948 by offering an exceptional selection of black and green olives, combining tradition and quality, both French and foreign, intended for professionals.

    Discover our rich and diverse assortment, offering natural olives, flavored, spicy, with pesto, garlic, and many other captivating flavors.

    As a wholesale olive supplier, we offer flexibility with vacuum-packed packaging (4 and 5kg) as well as convenient buckets (3, 5, and 10kg).

    Whether you are looking for natural black or green olives, pitted or cracked, our complete range also includes smaller packaging, perfect for resale, such as small jars or vacuum-sealed packs.

    Explore our unique selection, featuring essentials such as Greek black olives, pesto olives, as well as French varieties like Picholine, Lucques, Grossanes, and Tanches.

    As a distributor, we broaden your horizons with our extensive range of prepared cocktail olives, including Andalusian, Camargue, Casablanca, Catalan, Kalispera, Neapolitan, and Provençal versions.

    Whether you are a baker, restaurateur, manager of a delicatessen, or in charge of a small or large store, take advantage of our advantageous wholesale rate.

    Rely on THE DELIGHTS OF THE OLIVE TREE, your trusted partner for quality olives.

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    ☎️ 04 90 54 74 30 | ✉️

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