Les Délices de l'Olivier : Discover Our Authentic Pistou Olives Recipe

Since 1948, Les Délices de l'Olivier has been committed to sharing the authentic flavors of Provence through its exceptional products.

Among our culinary treasures, pistou olives hold a special place, deliciously prepared and packaged in our workshop in Maussane les Alpilles.

A Gastronomic Heritage: The Origins of Our Recipe

The history of our pistou olive recipe dates back to our Provencal roots, imbued with traditions and a passion for local ingredients.

The key elements of our blend include carefully selected green or black olives, fragrant garlic, freshly handpicked basil, top-quality rapeseed oil, and a pinch of salt to enhance the flavors.

Pistou: An Essential Provencal Condiment

At the heart of our recipe lies pistou, an emblematic condiment of Provencal cuisine.

Pistou, often compared to Italian pesto, is a harmonious combination of garlic, basil, olive oil, and Parmesan.

It is the very soul of Southern French cuisine, bringing an incomparable freshness to each dish.

Our Pistou Olives: An Explosion of Mediterranean Flavors

Our dedicated team in Maussane les Alpilles shapes each batch of pistou olives with artisanal care.

Each jar encapsulates the essence of Provence, captured in the perfect fusion of local ingredients.

Where to Find Our Pistou Olives

Find our pistou olives every Saturday morning at our stand in the Arles market.

You can also discover them in our shop adjacent to the workshop, and of course, on our website, where we ensure worldwide deliveries.

Get a Taste of Provence Delivered to You

Whether you are in Paris, New York, or at the other end of the world, let yourself be enchanted by the intoxicating flavors of Provence.

Order today on our website, and receive a small piece of our love for Provencal gastronomy at your doorstep.

At Les Délices de  l'Olivier, every bite is a celebration of the authenticity and culinary richness of our beautiful region.

Immerse yourself in the world of pistou olives and let yourself be carried away by an unparalleled gustatory experience.