Discover "Ail Confit" by Les Délices de l'Olivier: An Explosion of Mild Flavors


Welcome to the culinary world of Les Délices de l'Olivier, where artisanal excellence meets refined simplicity.

In our charming workshop in Maussane Les Alpilles, each package of Ail Confit is meticulously prepared, offering an exceptional taste experience with every bite.

Explore with us the subtleties of our recipe crafted from garlic, water, vinegar, and salt.

Every carefully chosen ingredient contributes to the creation of a symphony of mild and delicate flavors.

Get ready to redefine your culinary experience with our Ail Confit, where artisanal quality and taste pleasure come together.

The Ingredients that Make a Difference

Our Ail Confit from Les Délices de l'Olivier stands out with the refined simplicity of its recipe.

Each jar contains a harmonious blend of garlic, water, vinegar, and salt.

These carefully selected ingredients are the pillars of our commitment to unparalleled artisanal quality.

Garlic, with its distinctive flavor, is combined with water, vinegar, and salt in precise proportions.

This subtle combination creates a symphony of flavors, where the natural sweetness of garlic is preserved and enhanced.

Discover the essence of our Ail Confit, where each ingredient plays a crucial role for an exceptional taste experience.

Vacuum-sealed for Optimal Freshness

At Les Délices de l'Olivier, we preserve the freshness and integrity of our Ail Confit through a vacuum-sealing method.

Each pouch is hermetically sealed, creating an environment that perfectly preserves aromas and textures.

This clever technique ensures that each bite offers an explosion of flavors, revealing the subtle sweetness and delicacy of our product.

Vacuum-sealing is our commitment to quality, guaranteeing our customers an optimal taste experience with every bite.

Discover the difference this method makes in preserving the flavors and freshness of our Ail Confit.

Optimal Storage

The freshness of our Ail Confit goes beyond our workshop.

To maintain its exceptional flavors, it's essential to store it correctly at +4°C.

This precise setting ensures optimal preservation while maintaining the texture and delicacy of each confit clove.

By adopting this storage temperature, you ensure savoring the fullness of the sweet and slightly savory notes resulting from the caramelization of garlic's natural sugars.

Follow our simple tips to store your Ail Confit at home and enjoy every bite as if it just came out of our workshop.

Ail Confit in the Kitchen

Les Délices de l'Olivier's Ail Confit is not just a simple ingredient; it's an invitation to culinary exploration.

Add a special touch to your dishes by incorporating our Ail Confit.

Here are some creative ideas to inspire you:

  • Pasta with Ail Confit Pesto: Mix crushed Ail Confit with fresh basil, nuts, and Parmesan for a delicious variation of traditional pesto.
  • Mediterranean Salad with Ail Confit: Add confit cloves to a fresh salad with tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese for an explosion of flavors.
  • Ail Confit Spread for Appetizers: Spread Ail Confit on toasted bread or serve it with cheeses for a delicious spread.
  • Ail Confit in Sauces: Incorporate it into pasta sauces, dressings, or simmered dishes for a subtle and savory touch.

Ail Confit becomes a true star in the kitchen, adding a unique flavor depth to every dish.

Experiment and be amazed by the versatility of our Ail Confit.

Ail Confit vs. Raw Garlic

Compared to raw garlic, our Ail Confit offers a refined and subtle taste experience.

Through confit, the natural sugars of garlic caramelize, creating a sweet and slightly savory flavor.

The texture becomes tender, eliminating the pungency of raw garlic while preserving its distinctive character.

Choosing Les Délices de l'Olivier's Ail Confit means opting for a milder alternative, equally rich in flavors.

Whether balancing a delicate recipe or subtly introducing garlic into dishes, our Ail Confit proves to be a versatile ingredient, bringing a gourmet touch to your kitchen.

Rediscover garlic in a new way and be captivated by this unique culinary experience.


In conclusion, immerse yourself in the exceptional gastronomic world of Les Délices de l'Olivier with our Ail Confit.

Each jar contains the essence of a recipe crafted with passion in Maussane Les Alpilles, highlighting craftsmanship and quality.

Thanks to our vacuum-sealing method, each clove of Ail Confit retains its freshness, offering you an optimal taste experience.

Don't forget the importance of storing it at +4°C to preserve the delicate flavors resulting from the caramelization of garlic's natural sugars.

In the kitchen, be inspired by the versatility of our Ail Confit, which, compared to raw garlic, offers a unique subtlety of flavors.

Make our Ail Confit your culinary ally for exceptional gastronomic creations.

Discover a new dimension of garlic flavor while enjoying the simplicity and quality that characterize Les Délices de l'Olivier.