The Delights of the Olive Tree for a Gourmet Candlemas


Candlemas, this emblematic celebration honored with crepes, is the perfect opportunity to discover the gourmet treasures of "The Delights of the Olive Tree." Let's dive into a culinary adventure where authenticity and regional flavors meet.

Provence Jams

Apricot Jam from Provence

Immerse yourself in the very essence of Provence with our Apricot Jam. Capturing the richness of apricots from Vaucluse, this extra jam is prepared with care and passion, following traditional methods.

Strawberry Jam from Provence

Strawberry, the queen of jams, reaches its peak in our Strawberry Jam from Provence. Locally grown, these strawberries from Vaucluse, picked at maturity, offer an unparalleled gustatory experience.

Ardèche Chestnut Delights

The Delights of Ardèche Chestnuts, a flagship product of Wonders in Provence, transport you into an exquisite adventure. Coming from chestnuts certified by an AOP, these delights are the authentic reflection of the finesse of Ardèche flavors.

Alpilles Honeys

Garrigues Honey

Discover Garrigues Honey, a treasure of the Alpilles. Its creamy texture and unique taste, derived from a rich floral diversity, make it a must-have for Candlemas.

Acacia Honey

Our Acacia Honey, harvested in the North of Drôme, is a subtle sweetness. Its amber color and delicate taste reminiscent of the acacia flower fragrance, making it an ideal choice for Candlemas.

Caramel Cream - Alpilles Orchards

Caramel Cream with Camargue salt flower, a pure delight from Alpilles Orchards. Creamy and indulgent, it's perfect as a topping on crepes, ice cream, or simply on toast.

Organic Spreadable Pastes - Maison Naja

Organic Hazelnut Lace Crepe Spread

Indulge in our creamy and crispy spread, a perfect marriage of French organic hazelnuts, chocolate, and lace crepe.

Organic Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread

Discover an organic gem without palm oil, without coloring or preservatives, with 28% French organic hazelnuts, sugar, and fair trade cocoa.

Intense Organic Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread

Immerse yourself in intensity with our milk-free spread, rich in cocoa, and still organic, without palm oil, coloring, or preservatives.


Embrace the magic of Candlemas with "The Delights of the Olive Tree." These products, crafted with passion and respect for traditions, are an invitation to savor the authenticity of Provence.

Make your Candlemas an unforgettable moment with our unique delights.