Discover the Magic of Spices at Les Délices de l'Olivier

Welcome to the enchanting world of spices at Les Délices de l'Olivier!

We are delighted to present our exceptional range of spices that will bring an explosion of flavors to your dishes.

Each product is meticulously packaged by Maison Soler to offer you premium quality.

Let's explore together the treasures we have to offer:

1. Ground Cumin for an Exquisite Oriental Touch

Our ground cumin, with a net weight of 230 g, is the perfect ingredient to add an authentic touch to your tagines and oriental dishes.

Carefully selected, each grain is ground to ensure optimal freshness.

Add an exquisite note to your traditional recipes, whether it's a Moroccan tagine or an Egyptian dish.

Let yourself be carried away by its rich aroma and distinctive flavor that will make every bite an unforgettable taste experience.

2. Sliced Garlic for All Your Dishes

Prepared by Maison Soler, our rehydratable sliced garlic (200 g) is a true asset in the kitchen.

Give your dishes the powerful taste of fresh garlic without the hassle of preparation.

Versatile and easy to use, this sliced garlic is the ideal companion to add character to your recipes.

Add an aromatic dimension to your dishes without compromising on flavor.

3. Ground Cinnamon: The Warm and Spicy Touch

Enjoy the versatility of our ground cinnamon (230 g) produced by Maison Soler.

Add a warm and spicy flavor to your pastries, cakes, and hot wines.

Carefully prepared and packaged, our ground cinnamon retains its freshness and exquisite aroma.

Elevate your culinary creations to the next level by adding a touch of refinement with this essential spice.

4. Garlic Granules: Powerful, Convenient, Premium

Discover our flagship product, premium garlic granules (300 g), packaged by Maison Soler.

Enjoy the powerful aroma of fresh garlic without the hassle of preparation.

Incorporate garlic granules into your sauces, marinades, and simmered dishes for a rich and persistent flavor.

Make your dishes true delights for the taste buds of your guests.

5. Mild Curry: The Perfect Balance for Your Dressings and Sautéed Dishes

Our mild curry (250 g) is the ideal spice to bring an explosion of flavors to your dressings and sautéed dishes.

This versatile spice will add an exotic and delicious touch to your favorite dishes.

Be captivated by the perfect balance of its aromas.

6. Coriander Seeds: For an Exotic Touch in Your Dishes

Coriander Seeds (150 g) are a staple in Mediterranean kitchens.

They bring a distinctive flavor to a variety of dishes, from tagines to dressings, stews, and pickles.

With a unique combination of citrus notes and spicy nuances, these versatile seeds will elevate your culinary creations to the next level.

Join our community of cooking enthusiasts and explore new flavor frontiers with Les Délices de l'Olivier.

Our premium quality products guarantee you an exceptional culinary experience with every bite.

Feel free to visit our store in Maussane les Alpilles to discover our entire range of exquisite spices.

Make every meal a memorable moment with Les Délices de l'Olivier!