The Arles Market: Pearl of Provence with Infinite Stalls.

The Delights of the Olive Tree: A Gourmet Heritage at the Arles Market

For decades, the Arles market has been honored by the indispensable presence of The Delights of the Olive Tree. Every Saturday morning, their stand becomes the meeting point for enthusiasts of Provencal authenticity. The delicious natural olives, flavored, cracked, and pitted, as well as the irresistible cocktail olive recipes, make their stall a must-visit for this unique culinary experience.

Historical Origins

In a letter dating back to 1584, Henri III officially established the holding of weekly markets in Arles, thus instituting a tradition that continues to this day.

Beyond this era, let us go back even further in time, to the 5th century, where an author describes Arles as a place where all the wealth of the Orient, perfumed Arabia, and fertile Assyria converge.

For centuries, the Arles market has been much more than just a place of commerce; it is the living reflection of history and the diversity of exchanges.

Geographical Extent

The Arles market is not only one of the most beautiful, but it also stands out for its size.

On Saturdays, the stalls stretch along the boulevards des Lices, Georges-Clemenceau, and Émile-Combes, offering over 2.5 km of display.

On Wednesdays, the activity extends from Boulevard Émile-Combes, from Place Lamartine to the crossroads of La Croisière.

With each shop occupying an average of 5 linear meters, the geographical extent of the market is a true immersion into the bustling trade of Arles.

Fresh and Regional Products

The stalls of the Arles market offer a symphony of Provençal colors and flavors.

With 450 vendors on Saturdays and 300 on Wednesdays, visitors are immersed in an infinite variety of products.

From brightly fresh fruits and vegetables to delicious cheeses, succulent meats, freshly caught fish, and an abundance of regional products such as olives, olive oil, Arles sausage, Camargue rice, and tellines are at hand.

Historical Richness

Each stall in the Arles market tells a story, linked to centuries of exchanges and traditions.

Since the 5th century, the city has welcomed all the riches that the East, Arabia, and Assyria can offer.

Products from around the world are found here in as great an abundance as in their countries of origin.

This historical richness is perpetuated through the stalls, where each product carries the weight of centuries of Arlesian history.

Practical Information

Open from 8 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., the stalls come to life every Saturday on the boulevards des Lices and Georges-Clemenceau.

The boulevards des Lices and Georges-Clemenceau are closed to traffic, creating a space dedicated to this essential experience of Arlesian life.

Diversity of Stalls

Faced with this abundance, the Arles market is divided into different thematic areas.

The boulevard des Lices honors food products, offering the quintessence of Provencal flavors.

From juicy fruits to colorful vegetables, from regional specialties to artisanal confectionery, the range is vast.

On Wednesdays, a farmers' market on the esplanade welcomes local producers practicing organic or sustainable agriculture, highlighting the importance of local and sustainable sourcing.